Personalised Relaxation kit – Managing Anxiety

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Seeing your child struggle with starting a new grade, joining a sports team, or simply visiting a friend’s house can tug at your heartstrings. You want to ease their pain but might feel helpless about the best way to support them.

Childhood comes with its set of challenges, and facing the unknown can be daunting for them.

For many anxious children, overcoming the barrier of “what if” to reach “why not” seems insurmountable.

That’s precisely why we developed this essential Personalised Relaxation Kit for use by parents, teachers, and therapists.

Introducing: The Personalised Relaxation Kit for Kids.

The Power of Personalization in the Relaxation Kit:

  • Personal Connection: Seeing their name on the kit helps children feel a unique connection, promoting ownership and motivation to use the resources.
  • Boosted Engagement: Personalization with a name increases the child’s interest, making them more likely to engage with the kit actively.
  • Targeted Approach: A name on the kit makes the intervention feel specially designed for them, enhancing its relevance and effectiveness.
  • Safe Space Creation: The presence of their name can make children feel that the space and tools are safely tailored for their emotional exploration.
  • Amplified Impact: Personalization underscores that the strategies are directly intended for them, potentially increasing the efficacy of the therapeutic activities.


  • Over 100 pages of worksheets, activities, learning materials, quotes, and affirmations designed to help children navigate anxiety effectively.

Take a sneak peak into the kit

This digital kit will help:

  • Boost Your Child’s Confidence: Engage in exercises that promote positive thinking, potentially improving grades, relationships, and sports performance.
  • Enhance Connection: Understand precisely how to support your child by using these repeatable, anxiety-reducing activities and worksheets.
  • Encourage Mindfulness: Teach kids to live in the moment and reduce screen time, enhancing their overall well-being.
  • Promote Communication and Growth: Utilize prompts and activities that encourage children to talk, think, and mature.
  • Learn Calming Techniques: Master coping strategies that children can apply immediately and carry into adulthood.
  • Transform Thoughts: Help your child reframe persistent negative thoughts into positive ones.


  • At Home: Progress through the kit sequentially, or select a page to complete each week.
  • In Educational Settings: Implement these exercises in your classroom or guidance office to support Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and stimulate insightful discussions.
  • In Therapy Sessions: Utilize in your professional practice (commercial license required).

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