Mega Emotion Bundle

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Super Special Bundle: Personalized Relaxation and Growth Mindset Kit for Kids

Unlock our top-selling bundle including the Personalized Relaxation Kit and Growth Mindset Kit for kids, now available at an exclusive price.


  • Anxiety Kit for Kids: Over 100 pages designed to help children find peace, cultivate confidence, move past fears, and set meaningful goals.
  • Growth Mindset Kit for Kids: Activities and strategies to understand the power of mindset, embrace challenges, and recognize personal strengths.
  • Additional Resources:
    • Relaxation techniques & activities
    • Goal planning activities
    • Social Stories
    • More than 200 pages of activities, affirmations, worksheets, and quotes, personalized with your child’s name.

The Power of Personalization:

  • Enhanced Connection: Seeing their name on the materials makes the activities more relatable and impactful for children.
  • Increased Motivation: Personalization encourages children to engage with the content, fostering a deeper commitment to the exercises.
  • Boosts Self-Esteem: Personalized content helps build self-esteem by emphasizing that these tools are specially designed for them.

Create A Happier Home or Classroom Today!

Provide your children with essential tools to:

  • Calm down during intense emotional moments
  • Break the tension in stressful situations
  • Recognize and manage their emotions effectively

Why Choose Our Kits?

  • Prevent Emotional Overwhelm: Teach your kids to cope with intense feelings, reducing household or classroom stress and anxiety.
  • Emotional Awareness: Help kids become cognizant of their emotions and the physical sensations associated with them.
  • Developmental Support: Targeted activities designed considering young children’s developing brains, which are yet to fully mature in reasoning and executive functions.
  • Behavioral Improvement: Reduce instances of aggression and anxiety, promoting a healthier, more sociable environment.

Unique Features of Our Kits:

  • These kits are not just educational but also fun, incorporating play therapy techniques to ensure learning is engaging.
  • They offer practical coping strategies and emotional awareness exercises that are vital for daily tranquility and control.

Limited Time Offer: Only USD 15.95

The Relaxation Kit For Kids

See what’s inside:

  • Many children deal with anxiety that hinders their daily activities and social interactions. Our kit provides over 80 pages of supportive content to:
    • Find tranquility and confidence
    • Overcome fears and anxieties
    • Achieve and celebrate goals
    • Enjoy being a kid again without the burden of constant worry.

(Click here to purchase the Anxiety Kit for Kids separately)

Growth Mindset Kit

See what’s inside:

This transformative kit empowers kids to:

  • Recognize the transformative power of their mindset
  • See failures as growth opportunities
  • Identify and value their unique qualities
  • Practice honesty and scale their reactions appropriately

(Click here to purchase the Growth Kit for Kids separately)

Transform your home or classroom with these foundational tools for emotional and personal development—grab this bundle today!


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