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Don't Miss Out on Your Child's Key Brain Development Years just because you don't know where to start

Countless children don't learn effective emotional management skills

Numerous children grapple with issues like anger, self-control, and emotional outbursts, extending well beyond their toddler years. Such challenges can complicate life and create difficulties for the entire family.

This situation may result in your child viewing themselves as the “problem child”, shaping the negative narrative they believe about their identity.

Moreover, it often leaves you feeling powerless about how to provide the right support!

Many children aren't aware that expressing their emotions is acceptable.

Simply instructing a child to “calm down” rarely, if ever, achieves the desired effect.

Frequently, children are not reassured that experiencing and expressing a variety of emotions is normal. They are also seldom guided on how to leverage this understanding to formulate a constructive approach.

As a result, children tend to develop their own ways of coping, which are often negative.

Show of hands; Who has kids that exhibit less-than-helpful coping strategies like:

Many caregivers believe these behaviors are just a phase that children will outgrow.

However, the unfortunate truth is:

These issues often persist if not addressed and can lead to serious challenges during the teenage years and adulthood.

This Could Transform Your Child's Life Forever

You have the opportunity to teach your kids how to manage their emotions in an enjoyable and captivating manner, whether at home, in the classroom, or in a therapy setting

Hi friends, I am Parven

As a mom to two girls, I’m all about helping kids grow up confident, especially with all the tech out there. Our kids need to be tough, believe in themselves, and have plenty of emotional support tools because they face challanges like social media, cyberbullying, deepfakes, scams and many more on top of everything else going on in their life.

That’s modern parenting for you. But equipping children with the right tools will allow them to thrive despite any challanges being thrown at them.

I’ve made this kit super affordable because I want to empower as many children as possible.

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Imagine kids who:




Anxiety Kit for Kids: 100 pages to help kids manage their fears and worries

Growth mindset kit for kids : 100 pages to help children discover challenges with confidence

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The Personalised Anxiety Kit For Children

The Personalised Growth Mindset Kit


This is a digital bundle for you to print and use again and again. Nothing will be mailed. You will need access to a printer or a print service to use this.

This printable set is designed for children roughly between the ages of 6-11 We’ve also had kids younger older than this use the printables with success. For kids ages 5 to 7, assistance will be required.

We know it can feel daunting to have so many options. A good strategy is to pick just one resource to start with and go from there.

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